Work work! <3

I've been SO busy with work! I somehow managed to land a full time contract job and several freelance opportunities. I've been really busy but am REALLY excited all the new projects I can add to my portfolio. Monster Pals has also been announced so I can't wait to put the concepts and UI for that game on my site too. AND I've become better at graphic and web design recently and can't wait to redesign my site either! Anyway I just wanted to show a couple random things.

Icon for "comedy" genre. Photoshop + Illustrator.

Darn! There's so many things I want to show but can't yet. Oh well. Lol.

Here's a design for a wordpress template (blog) that wasn't chosen by the client because it was a little less legible, but I really like it so here it is along with the custom background I made for it.

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h.edwardbrooks said...

like the nose and glasses, thanks for following the blog. i used to do some old school animation with the old animation cameras.