Sparkle Sparkle

All the names I could think of for this piece sounded pretty awful, ie - the light of the blank, the star of blah, etc.

Originally inspired by Lux's Finales Funkeln of League of Legends. The painting pretty much took on its own life after the sketch got going.

Quick Sketch - Snowy Battle

Inspired by the champions in League of Legends.


Michael (while eating chips) says, "Communication is vital to our father daughter relationship." Our little beagle, Lily, turns her head and licks her lips wishfully.

Bouguereau Study

Bouguereau Study by iamtretre
Bouguereau Study, a photo by iamtretre on Flickr.

quick painting study. Decided not to finish it. Another fun iPad finger paint. Screw styluses.

Paper Clip

Paper Clip by iamtretre
Paper Clip, a photo by iamtretre on Flickr.

Playing with Michael's new iPad!

Lunch Break Sketch

I probably should have grabbed some reference photos, because I obviously know nothing about spaceship design. That is one UGLY vessel.

Quick Sketch May 05, 2011

Like most artists, I have so little time nowadays for creating art outside of work. Most often I'm just too damn tired, and the thought of spending more time in Photoshop is haunting. I decided to drop attempting these full blown illustrations and just throw together simple yet creative sketches. It feels so much better getting creative than executing long paintings.


Underpaintings: Random Inspiration: Fred Fixler (1923 - 2010)

Underpaintings: Random Inspiration: Fred Fixler (1923 - 2010): "In an era when it has become fashionable to disparage educators, it is rare to find a teacher rightfully praised for the service they ha..."