Sign of better times?

After 6 months of unemployment and failed job hunting I'm all of a sudden being contacted for 4 gigs within the past two weeks. It would have been nice to be able to take all these jobs in those 6 months I sat around not making money. *sigh* Oh well, such is life. Perhaps it's proof that the economy is really recovering. In any case, it's gratifying knowing my work is good enough to solicit employment. Here's a sample I did for a potential client. *fingers crossed* Directions were for a 50s phone, hand drawn yet photo-realistic.

I rather like this method. Draw, scan, slap on some local color, add some highlights on top. Bam, done.


le'Jean said...

At first I was like WHy is she taking pics of phones? haha Good job on this dude. Good to hear things are starting to pan out for you.

Spysheep said...

Teresa! you deny me of your blog no longer! :)