Monster Pals Concepts!!!

Yay! Monster Pals has finally been announced and is probably out in stores!
Monster Pals is a game where you build a monster from a massive variety of monster body parts and then train him to defend the town of Happy Valley from evil invaders!

I can finally show off some concepts. A lot of the UI files are still at inXile, I didn't copy them before I left. =( But what I do have is here for your viewing pleasure!

Anyone know why some of these thumbnails don't enlarge when you click them???


Stefanie Huynh said...

I absolutely love the designs for the monsters! The Sailormoon monster had me rolling xD
The little monsters are adorable too!
Yah blogger is being weird, i had that problem too. It took me forever to fix it bc you have to go into your picasa photos for your blog, change the thumbnail sizes, copy just the jpg code, then go into your blogger html and replace the jpg code to that one.
If you are able to figure out a quicker way to do it, please, I'm all ears!!

Teresa Yau said...

holy crapola that sounds like a lot of work to fix a link. that's uber gaysauce. I <3 that you got the Sailormoon ref!!!!!!!!!!